Colin Flanagan

Senior Consultant

Colin is a senior consultant with Kalypso, able to effectively leverage his years of manufacturing engineering experience and strong background in mechatronics and industrial automation to bring value to his clients.

Colin Flanagan, Senior Consultant | Kalypso

Prior to joining Kalypso, Colin worked in manufacturing operations in a variety of industries. He then worked for Rockwell Automation, where he completed the Engineer in Training Program and supported customers over the phone in Tech Support.

Colin has a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He took numerous courses on dynamic systems, control theory, and mechatronics. Colin's engineering background allows him to bring a unique perspective to Kalypso's Consumer and Industrial & High Tech Practices, where he assists clients with digital assessment and strategy work, along with supporting technology implementations.

In addition to his client work, Colin assists with the Sustainability Practice and Operational Digital Twin Practice and co-leads the IHT People Development team. Colin was born and raised in the Milwaukee, WI area, but now lives in Denver, CO. In his spare time he enjoys spending time outside hiking, biking, golfing, skiing and playing with his dog.

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  • Operations, Pace Industries
  • Manufacturing Engineering, Clack Corporation
  • Advanced Process Engineering, Sub-Zero Group, Inc.
  • Commercial Engineering, Rockwell Automation
  • Lifecycle Services Leadership Development Program, Rockwell Automation

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