Chloe Markle

Senior Analyst

Chloe is a management consultant with expertise in information systems, knowledge-enabled process transformation, and data science across multiple industries.

Chloe Markle, Senior Analyst | Kalypso

Chloe is a results-driven consultant with a proven ability to evaluate and solve problems, manage deadlines, and foster collaborative partnerships. She is dedicated to empowering clients with data-driven insights and facilitating in swift adoption of new and emerging technologies. Chloe’s industry experience spans across various sectors, including consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, and tire and automotive. Her skillset includes addressing complex challenges such as product lifecycle management, process transformation, data and analytics integration, sustainability initiatives, and the optimization of warehousing and distribution operations. Chloe is based out of Dallas, Texas. Outside of work she enjoys live sports, cooking, traveling, and lake house weekends.

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  • BBA in Supply Chain Management
  • BBA in Management Information Systems

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