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Chelsea Leenhouts

Senior Manager

Chelsea Leenhouts brings 15 years of experience working with some of the world's largest brands and companies to drive clarity, unlock actionable insights and maximize the impact of digital strategies across the supply chain.

Chelsea Leenhouts, Senior Manager | Kalypso

Chelsea Leenhouts is a leader within Kalypso's supply chain consulting practice. Her background includes supply chain digital transformation and product management roles at Nike and The Home Depot, coupled with diverse consulting experience where Chelsea has led projects along the value chain.

Her rich experience provides the foundation to support supply chain leaders in navigating the challenges of today while building the capabilities needed to deliver the efficiencies, agility, and resiliency for the future. Her breadth of hands-on experience, natural curiosity, and outcome-focused mindset drives her approach to genuinely understanding the highest impact opportunities within an organization to enable the development and evolution of supply chain strategies and solutions, including technology, data, business processes and organizational design.

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