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Carsten Lawrenz


Carsten brings over 25 years of experience in product lifecycle management (PLM) and software development to clients in the medical device, federal, aerospace and defense industries.

Carsten Lawrenz, Fellow | Kalypso
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Prior to joining Kalypso, Carsten was a technical account manager at PTC serving clients in the federal, aerospace and defense sector. He has extensive experience in helping clients improve the return on their investments in innovation through organizational process change, migrations and upgrades, improved governance, and the application of technology.

Previously, Carsen was a senior design engineer In the energy sector at Siemens Westinghouse Electric, where he became an expert on the rotor dynamics design of electrical generators. A desire to automate the various manual calculation tasks led to a career in various software development projects, deployments of global PLM solutions, quality systems and product development improvements.

Carsten holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Rutgers School of Engineering.

Current Projects

Carsten's focus at Kalypso is increasing the value of innovation for clients through the adoption of PTC's Windchill technology. He works with clients to understand where they are in their PLM journey, architecting PLM solution design and implementations to help them best leverage their PLM investments.

Outside of Kalypso

Carsten is an avid record collector and can usually be found at any garage sale looking for more vinyl. He is a decent snowboarder, a capricorn and has liked Jägermeister since before it became cool. He usually keeps some “stinky” German cheese in his fridge and enjoys cooking anything on his grill.


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers School of Engineering

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