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Bryan Ross

Senior Solution Architect

Bryan has decades of industry experience building simple solutions for solving complex enterprise data and process problems using IoT and enterprise data aggregation with web and AR visualization.

Bryan Ross, Senior Solution Architect | Kalypso

Over the entirety of his career, Bryan has been known to have a passion for finding a better way, beginning with simple red-lining process improvements and growing into architecting full digital thread initiatives. He's delivered successful client engagements in product data management (PDM), product lifecycle management (PLM), IoT and augmented reality (AR) among others.

Prior to joining Kalypso, Bryan was a leader in building out a development team and process pipeline around PTC ThingWorx custom applications, specializing in enterprise data aggregation and analysis.

Bryan started his career in CAD drafting, moved into engineering, became the point of contact between engineering and IT, then became an IT leader with a consolidated focus on PDM/PLM implementation before moving into consulting.

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