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Bryan is a security and regulatory compliance expert bringing over a decade of transformative consulting experience in both the public and private sectors.

Bryan Kissel, Manager | Kalypso
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Prior to Kalypso, Bryan was a Managing Consultant for IBMs IT Strategy & Resiliency practice specializing in physical, digital and information security practices and aligning information security strategies with regulatory guidelines and industry best practices.

Bryan has extensive experience working with state and local governments, federal agencies and defense industry leaders as well as aerospace, energy and augmented reality firms. With Kalypso, Bryan brings his experience to connected medical device and security innovation initiatives. Bryan has a BS in Political Science from Iowa State University.

Current Projects

Bryan brings an experienced perspective to the Digital Innovation practice around governance, compliance and business development initiatives. Bryan is passionate about developing thoughtware helping business leaders navigate regulatory, compliance and governance pressures.

Outside of Kalypso

Bryan lives in Dallas, TX with his twin sons and three dogs. In his spare time he enjoys being a leader of his local Maker community, composing music and exploring local parks with his family. He is also passionate about barbecue and supporting children's hospitals and charities across the DFW metroplex.

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