Brendon Marczan

Digital Transformation Manager

A Digital Product Creation (DPC) expert in the apparel and footwear industries, Brendon has lead 3D transformation projects for many of the world’s leading sportswear, fast-fashion and luxury retailers. With experience as a 2D and 3D designer and pattern-maker as well as a seasoned supply-chain leader, Brendon helps clients create relationships with the significant digital shifts in our industry.

Brendon Marczan, Digital Transformation Manager | Kalypso

Brendon Marczan is a leader in Kalypso’s international Digital Product Creation (DPC) advisory team. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Brendon moved to London 8 years ago after being approached by cycling sportswear leader, Rapha Racing, to head up their Team Sky ‘Tour de France’ kit development. He went on to spend 18 months traveling with Bradley Wiggins and seeing Team Sky take the UK’s first Tour de France win.

In 2017, he transitioned from the fashion industry into technology when VFX-leader, Foundry, approached him to head up 3D visualization projects for two leading sportswear brands. It was here at Foundry that Brendon was able to play a key role in building the Digital Product Creation business unit with a focus on complex footwear and apparel workflows. This transition from physical product to digital solutions included his certification as a Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) and Certified Software Product Manager. During his time at Foundry, Brendon also undertook several courses in C++, Java, Python and HTML but is happy to leave the software engineering to his incredibly talented colleagues.

An extremely curious person, Brendon loves exploring different business frameworks and discovering holistic, change strategies. In the fashion industry, he has almost 20 years experience and has worked in high-end couture, fast-fashion, childrenswear, technical sportswear, outdoor apparel, luggage and accessories, and bulletproof body and artillery armour. Brendon has over 15 years sourcing experience in SE Asia and "can order a Diet Coke in four different Chinese dialects".

With a degree in Fashion Design, Brendon continues to nurture his passion for cloth with the recent completion of two advanced, experimental pattern-making courses at Central St Martins. In addition to having been a Fashion Designer, he’s also held the roles of Technologist, Pattern Maker, Supply Chain Director, Chief Negotiator, Production Manager, Ethical Trading Manager, Brand Manager, Art Director and Product Manager. Passionate about being an advocate for emerging DPC technologies, Brendon has become a thought-leader in the design visualization space, particularly in apparel and footwear. In past years, he’s spoken at over two dozen international conferences and regularly publishes research on 3D design trends. “Fashion brands are in a unique position to be able to benefit from decades of trial and error from experimentation in the VFX and Automotive industries. It’s an extremely exciting time and I believe the huge industry pressure we’re seeing now will envelope the wider industry over the coming 5 years. 3D, collaborative fashion design is already becoming the standard”.

When not researching new DPC technologies, Brendon enjoys studying improv acting and performs at clubs in London - he wholeheartedly recommends improv in the workplace for breaking down barriers between team members. Brendon is also a visual artist and exhibits his illustrations and paintings each year in London, Dublin and Sydney. It's likely you'll hear Brendon singing an 80's power ballad while tapping away at his desk: “I can be very easily persuaded to sing karaoke”.

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