Bill Poston

Founding Partner

Bill is a founding partner of Kalypso with over 25 years of professional and management consulting experience.

Bill Poston, Founding Partner | Kalypso

Prior to founding Kalypso, Bill was a partner at Deloitte Consulting where he was a leader in the firm’s product innovation and lifecycle management practice. His expertise is in the transformation of organizations to deliver on the promise of innovation. Bill’s specific areas of focus include business and innovation strategy, strategic portfolio management, product development process improvement, leadership alignment, and organizational change.

He received an MBA from the University of Texas, a BBA from Texas State University, and is a certified New Product Development Professional.

Outside of Kalypso

Bill serves as the president of the Stelos Alliance, a non-profit whose mission is to help extraordinary young leaders at the collegiate level reach their potential. Stelos is also home to the Housley Principled Leadership Program which Bill teaches with passion and purpose to dozens of young people each year at multiple universities. Along the way Bill has served as a director on multiple corporate and nonprofit boards including the Texas State University Development Foundation and Alumni Association, Getaway2Give, Equity Estates, and Low Hanging Fruit.

His entrepreneurial drive is evident in his role starting and building Muy’Ono, a resort management firm in Belize. He is also a social innovator having recently launched a mission-driven lifestyle movement named Live Large that creates communities of inspiring individuals. Bill authored the organization’s manifesto as a guide for intentional living and is elite ambassador #1.

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