Andrew Calder

Technical Manager

My broad area is demand management (within supply chain), and within that my specialty is in statistical forecast "engine tuning."

Andrew Calder, Technical Manager | Kalypso

I have specialized in the analysis of demand and CPG promotion data for over 30 years, including the design and development of applications to perform such analysis and, further, to optimize promotion effectiveness. My career after university started in 1988 as a consultant with Information Resources Inc, collecting and analysing "direct product profitability" data, plus analysing shelf space data and configuring IRI's shelf space management software "Apollo". I moved to an IRI customer, Frito-Lay Australia, in 1991 to build their Sales and Marketing Information System. Simultaneously, I created a system to analyse retail sales and promotion data, specifically for modeling baseline and lift using regression techniques. In 1995 I moved to J&J Consumer, where I continued analysing promotion and advertising effectiveness and also helped implement a third-party promotion management system. From 1997 to 2016, I had Sales Consulting and Consulting roles with Oracle Corporation, with an emphasis from 2001 onwards on implementing Oracle demand planning applications for Australian customers (e.g. Qantas, Resmed, Cochlear) and international customers (e.g. Apple, GE Healthcare, Pepsico Canada, Huawei). Since 2007 I have specialized in configuring and “tuning” Oracle's statistical forecast engine – an uncommon skill within the Oracle Supply Chain sphere. In 2016 I moved to AVATA/Kalypso, where I have been exposed to the requirements, demand patterns and challenges of many more new customers, including most recently Unilever, Grupo Bimbo, Krispy Kreme, and Nufarm.

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  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), University of NSW


  • 2016-present, Demantra and Oracle Demand Management Cloud statistical forecast engine tuning
  • 1997-2016, various consulting roles @ Oracle
  • 1995-96, Sales and Marketing Information Manager @ Johnson&Johnson Consumer
  • 1991-95, Sales Information Manager @ Frito-Lay Australia
  • 1988-91, Client Services Executive @ Information Resources Inc

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