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Amy Kenly

Global Vice President of Strategic Content

Amy has more than 20 years of experience in B2B marketing around innovation, product development and PLM. With a passion for brand building via strategic storytelling, Amy leads innovative, comprehensive marketing programs to drive better results for Kalypso, our partners and our clients.

Amy Kenly, Global Vice President of Strategic Content | Kalypso

Amy is a marketing executive with extensive experience in all aspects of business-to-business marketing in the fields of digital innovation, product development and product lifecycle management (PLM). With a passion for brand building via strategic storytelling, she leads innovative, comprehensive marketing programs that drive revenue while positioning Kalypso subject matter experts as eminent thought leaders.

Current Projects

Amy combines her deep experience in innovation and product development with advanced marketing techniques to drive better results for Kalypso, our partners and our clients.

Industry Practice Building
Amy collaborates to develop practice growth strategies and go-to-market plans. She leads teams to execute innovative marketing campaigns and events, leveraging deep expertise in life sciences, retail and manufacturing industries. She also helped launch and grown Kalypso's cross-industry digital practice.

Content Marketing & Personal Branding Leadership

Amy leads development and execution of a cohesive strategy that enables firm’s thought leaders to generate innovative articles, white papers, videos, research and presentations. She directs an award-winning on-line innovation publication called Viewpoints on Innovation.

Analyst Relations Leadership

Amy leads Kalypso's AR strategy. She builds and maintains relationships with key industry analysts (Gartner, IDC, Forrester) and conducts inquiries to bring key analyst feedback back to firm.

Strategic Achievements

Amy contributed to the white paper “Social Media and Product Development: Early Adopters Reaping Benefits amidst Challenge and Uncertainty.” These efforts were recognized by the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), who asked her to author a chapter on “Social Media and New Product development” for the third edition of the PDMA Handbook on New Product Development.

Amy also co-authored a book with Kalypso's CEO George Young called 13 Steps to Mindful Consulting, available on Amazon.

Amy is a recognized SME and presenter on personal branding and professional presence. She presents at industry conferences on topics including digital strategy and innovation, and is a highly visible internal presenter and trainer. Presentation highlights: LiveWorx, IRI Annual Event, INCmty, LEAD, PDMA.

Outside of Kalypso

Amy is an animal lover and avid equestrian. She achieved mentor status at the New Hampshire SPCA with over 200 hours of volunteer experience. Recently, Amy has begun training for and competing in Ragnar Relay races across the country. Amy lives in Austin, Texas with her daughter and an adopted cat named Freya. When she's not running, there's a good chance she'll either be listening to Red Sox games or complaining loudly about poor starting pitching and a lack of solid run support.

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  • Amy holds a Bachelor degree in Communications from the University of New Hampshire


  • Prior to joining Kalypso, Amy directed the marketing operations of two software companies in the PLM space, Tecnomatix and RuleStream.

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