Case Study:
Pioneer Improves Gas Lift Operations with IoT

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Learn how this top US shale operator uses IIoT and machine learning to predict equipment failures and prevent downtime

When a shale operator has a growth target of 4X current barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) in the next 8 years, they must embrace digital transformation. When producing from 10,000 wells, challenges include running smooth operations 24x7, preventing equipment downtime and reducing total operational costs. Compressor equipment downtime is a huge source of unpredictability, leading directly to revenue loss.

Pioneer implemented an IIoT solution and machine learning to analyze GBs of data from 5,000+ sensor points in near real-time. Pioneer can now predict impending compressor failures, preventing downtime. A predictive analytics engine alerts the remote operations SCADA team about undesirable scenarios and presents recommendations to stabilize the processing facility. If recommendations are approved, ThingWorx delivers control actions which keeps stations running reliably and smoothly.

Expert Speakers

Logan Stokes
Logan Stokes
Sr. Staff Reservior Engineer Pioneer Natural Resources
Joe Pauly
Joe Pauly
Pioneer Natural Resources