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Field Service Medical 2020 Recap

The top articles, eBooks and information on the big topics from this year's event

With Field Service Medical 2020 behind us, we pulled together some helpful information below based on key themes we heard at the event. We'll add to this list in the coming weeks.

Developing a strategy for managing smart, connected medical devices in a regulated environment

Driving value-based outcomes with proactive and preventative remote service management

Building and aligning IoMT centers of excellence for improved customer experiences

Applying advanced analytics to connected field service data for meaningful insights

Understanding the real use cases for augmented reality in remote service

How to Contact Our FSM Team:

Rodney Holmes
Rodney Holmes
Senior Manager Kalypso

Rodney is Kalypso’s resident expert in remote service and management solutions for the MedTech industry.

At FSM, Rodney led two roundtables on Driving Value Based Outcomes with Remote Service Management.

Chad Markle 2018
Chad Markle
Global Director, Industrial & High Tech Kalypso

Chad leads Kalypso’s digital practice, and has hands-on experience developing smart, connected marketplaces, products, and supply chains.

At FSM, Chad was the chair of a track on customer satisfaction.

Profile Picture
Stuart Gillen
Senior Manager Kalypso

Stuart is passionate about artificial intelligence, helping companies transcend the hype and drive real business value.

At FSM, Stuart spoke on a panel about IoT and AI – Achieving the Goal of Connected Field Service.