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Digital Thread & Smart Connected MedTech

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In a constantly evolving regulatory landscape, life sciences manufacturers are currently being pushed to implement systems that connect the enterprise, the value chain, and the product at every stage of its lifecycle.

The digital thread has great potential in life sciences because it enables a seamless flow of data across the value chain, connecting clinical, product development, manufacturing, and post-market surveillance data.

However, there are challenges.

This compendium contains helpful advice on leveraging the power of smart connected products and systems, using advanced analytics to improve quality, and using digital QMS to foster a culture of quality that ensures the delivery of more effective, safer products that improve patient lives.

This compendium includes articles and advice on:

  • Applying the digital thread in life sciences
  • Building a strong and secure IoMT program
  • Leveraging AI and automation to improve products, speed development times, increase production yield and revolutionize field service
  • Unifying quality processes and data across the product lifecycle to foster a culture of quality
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