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Case Study: Streamlining Business Operations and Forecasting

How we helped save time and money with Oracle Cloud

Kalypso was selected to streamline business processes and supply forecasting across their stores nationwide.

We evaluated their current software architecture, analyzed their cross-functional goals and business processes, and trained store managers on how to use the new systems. Kalypso's ability to map its current state processes to best practices in Oracle's Cloud was the driving force behind selecting Kalypso as its implementation partner.

Real Results

  • Improved forecast accuracy, which reduced expedited shipping charges, avoided stockouts of ingredients, and curtailed waste

  • Created centralized planning so each store follows the same processes, avoiding patchwork systems and manual processes

  • Improved communication and increased their ability to scale with the use of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

  • Improved customer service levels by eliminating rush and expedited transportation

  • Optimized retail store labor planning

  • Reduced write-off’s packaging & unique ingredients

  • Established a Sales and Operations Planning Process path for maturity

What we found:

  • No centralized or standardized forecasting tool
  • Core planning processes are needed defining for best practices in Demand and Supply Planning
  • Unable to create a systemwide sales forecast incorporating key demand signals across the organization
  • Inaccurate and varied sales forecasts from store to store


  • Implementation of Oracle’s Demand Management (DM), Supply Planning, Replenishment Planning, and S&OP Cloud and integration to Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)
  • Create a centralized, easy-to-use system to support frequent product updates, promotions, and changes in demand
  • Develop a simple and standardized process for forecasting sales across all stores
  • Create a framework for evaluating future supply chain scenarios
  • Adopt DM Cloud tools and best practices for improved forecast accuracy
  • Define Sales & Operations Processes (S&OP) processes to be supported by Oracle’s S&OP Cloud
  • Train and educate teams on demand and supply chain principles

Our client is a global doughnut and coffeehouse chain with 1,400 locations across the U.S. and several international locations. The company sells over 20 million doughnuts per year.

We implemented Oracle Demand Management, Supply Planning, Replenishment Planning, and Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Cloud, re-engineered key business processes and trained the store managers on the new applications. The review and implementation process took about three months to complete, with Kalypso team members reviewing their cloud migration plan and re-engineering the business processes after implementation.

Our client, with the help of Kalypso, now has much better control over its forecasting demand accuracy and has transformed its collection of homegrown solutions into an integrated, modern toolset that will allow them to scale and grow.

Streamlining Business Operations and Forecasting with Oracle Cloud

Our work made it possible for them to lower costs and waste by being better able to forecast demand, streamline processes, and improve communication across many stores.

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