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We've never wanted to be a typical firm. And we're not looking for typical people.

Kalypsonians are innovators and intrapreneurs that believe in the power of creativity, diversity and innovation to change the world.

What It Means to Be a Kalypsonian

Hard Work

We believe in the power of innovation to transform the world and change people's lives. Driving growth through innovation in a digital world is exciting - and a lot of hard work. If this is your thing, Kalypso is your place.

Freedom and Growth

Our model gives every member of the Kalypso team the opportunity to become a leader in the firm. You are expected to build the house you want to live in and are given the freedom to do so.

Virtual with Purpose

As a virtual firm, we are intentionally designed to make things happen anywhere. We're powered by our global workforce, local on-the-ground teams and location-based innovation centers.

Diverse Experiences

We believe diverse experiences feed innovation and forge real connections between us. In any given week you can find teams delivering at the client site as well as taking spin classes, hiking mountains or exploring sights around the world together.

Hard work pays off.

We're always exploring ways to improve the benefits we offer to our team.

  • Excellent healthcare and retirement benefits (where geographically available) for you and your family
  • Flexible time off including holidays, unaccrued vacation and two weeks off at year-end
  • Progressive maternity, paternity and family leave policies
  • Alternative travel policy to build in personal travel on the weekends
  • Virtual work environment to help manage work/life balance when not traveling

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Kalypso

At Kalypso, we have a responsibility to build an organization that looks like our clients and the world.

We believe that our differences -- whether they be thinking styles and personal histories, to race/ethnicity, gender, age, education, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religion and cultural background – make us stronger and should be celebrated. Kalypso is a team of characters with character, and when we bring our diverse perspectives and experiences together, we excel at delivering results for our clients.

We are practitioners of diversity as well as innovation. We know that inclusion doesn’t just happen, so we launched Kaleidoscope, our diversity, equity and inclusion initiative to ensure that Kalypso is a place where our people can bring their whole selves to work.

In 2020 we committed to implementing nine actions proposed by Kalypsonians. By the end of the year, we:

  • Established a team to run the project
  • Reported on underrepresented minority diversity and pay
  • Added diversity, equity and inclusion modules to internal trainings
  • Established more employee resource groups
  • Committed to aggressively recruit and retain diversity at all levels of our organization

This work is ongoing and ever changing as we strive to become the best firm we can be.

Our greatest asset is our people.

We have a passion for providing Kalypsonians with unique professional and personal development opportunities.

New Hire Training

KRASH is our yearly new hire training where we introduce you to the firm and coach you in valuable skills to succeed in your first year – and beyond.

Career Counsel & Mentorship

Every Kalypsonian has a counselor to help develop and navigate their career. We also provide new hires with an onboarding buddy to help you get up to speed quickly.

Role-level Training

Our role-level training programs such as KAMPOUT provide Kalypsonians, from analysts to senior managers, the opportunity to network with one another while learning the skills necessary to continue progressing your career within the firm.


We often invest in certifications for our people to continue building the knowledge and skillsets to perform at your highest and better serve our clients.

Firm-wide Gatherings

KARMA, our annual retreat, is the one time a year the entire firm comes together. We spend three days catching up, training, team building and exploring a new city with one another.

We can't wait to meet you.