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Accel for Formulated Product Development

Integrated, leading-practice solution enabling concurrent formulated and discrete product development in the cloud

In recent years, organizations across industries have implemented product lifecycle management (PLM) for productivity and efficiency benefits, and to drive faster growth from innovation. However, companies that design and manufacture formulated products such as food, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, etc. face constraints as many existing PLM solutions manage the product development cycle for the discrete parts of products but offer limited, practical capabilities for building and managing recipes and formulas.

To address this challenge, Kalypso and Oracle offer a single, cloud-based PLM platform for concurrent formulated and discrete product development. The solution provides critical recipe and formula development capabilities in conjunction with the rest of the product development lifecycle. A unified data model with Oracle Product Development (PD) and Product Hub (PH) eliminates the need for custom integrations.

Accel for Formulated Product Development enables key foundational formulation capabilities:

  • Attribute rollup
  • Compliance rollup
  • Addition and removal of new materials / intermediates
  • Processing steps annotation
  • Copy formula for new bills of material (BOM) creation
  • Synchronization with Oracle PD and PH structures
  • Export of formula to Microsoft Excel for nutrient label (food and beverage), supplement label (vitamins) or MSDS (chemical) creation
  • Change notification for updates