Video Series:
Accelerating Digital Transformation with Smart Connected Operations

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Leverage digital technologies across product development, manufacturing, operations and supply chain.

How do Smart Connected Operations (SCO) bring value to a company? What is it and what is the value it brings? What are some of its practical applications and benefits?

In this video series, we will highlight applications for Smart Connected Operations (SCO) across the consumer, life science and industrial high tech industries to better understand why a company should invest in SCO initiatives now.

Smart Connected Operations Introduction

Here's John Woods - our global director of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, discussing what SCO encompasses and the value it brings to an organization

“SCO is the idea of using digital technology to improve the performance and safety of anything happening on the manufacturing floor"

- John Woods

Model Predictive Control

Jordan Reynolds and Chris Barnes join us to talk about model predictive control (MPC).

“Every manufacturer, regardless of industry, fundamentally wants to translate raw inputs to a product output. And furthermore, they want to be able to make as many products as possible and make them at the desired level of quality and to do so with as little manual intervention as possible. And that's the promise that MPC delivers. "

- Jordan Reynolds

Production Performance Management

We talked with Maciej Redel, senior manager and digital lead, about production performance management initiatives, measuring your operations and more.

“The idea behind it is to ensure you have measurable inputs that will allow you to make decisions in your operations and processes because you can't really improve something that you can't measure"

- Maciej Redel

Predictive Maintenance

Stuart Gillen talks to us about what predictive maintenance is and what the conversation around it is right now.

“Learnings that we get through AI on these base assets from one industry can often be applied across multiple industries. And then if you look at that from a data science perspective as well, the fundamental algorithms are also able to span industries, which it helps in providing more efficiencies and scale when you get data from one industry and sometimes you can apply it to other industries."

- Stuart Gillen

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