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Let's build something new, together

In the shadows of Portland's 12 historic bridges, in the flourishing Pearl District, is where you’ll find Bridgetown Innovation Studio.

Our studio provides collaboration spaces, showcases of the latest product development technology, and comprehensive services for clients in the consumer and life sciences industries.

“We saw a need in the market to provide a space for clients to show them what’s possible with new technologies and how to get there in this second industrial revolution we're in – the digital revolution.”

George Young, CEO, Kalypso

The Story of Bridgetown Innovation Studio

Bridgetown Innovation Studio was born out of the need to show clients what digital product development actually looks like - in theory and in practice. We set out to find a space in Portland, which we targeted for its close proximity to the region's top brands, but more so for its unique community of innovation, art, design, technology and social responsibility. It's a city that aligns with Kalypso culture and values, and a place where we know we can bring our vision to life.

We opened the doors to Bridgetown in June 2019 and are proud to be part of the Portland community.

The Space

Bridgetown Innovation Studio's vision is to bridge people, brands, suppliers, vendors and technologies together to solve for digital transformation in new ways. We've designed the studio to bring this vision to life.

Collaboration and work space for clients, partners and Kalypso teams

  • Open areas with customizable configurations
  • Dedicated workshop space
  • Traditional conference rooms
  • Co-working and offsite desk space

Showcases for equipment, technology and integrated digital product creation solutions

  • Dedicated technology demo pods
  • The latest in technology point solutions

Comprehensive services to solve your biggest digital transformation challenges

  • Funding and sponsorship
  • Education, culture and skillsets
  • Technology hardware, software and equipment
  • Process and automation

Visit Bridgetown Innovation Studio

Contact us to schedule your visit to Bridgetown.

Bridgetown Map