Year in Review: Top 10 Innovation Viewpoints of 2016

Time has flown by and it's hard to believe that another year has passed. As we look back at all the incredible things we've accomplished at Kalypso, we look forward to continuing to deliver on the promise of innovation in the coming year.

As a comprehensive resource for business leaders seeking to improve results from innovation, Viewpoints on Innovation content is written for innovation practitioners, by innovation practitioners and offers practical advice and insights based on real-world experiences.

This year alone, we published 50 videos and over 100 pieces of written content including eBooks, infographics and blogs. After crunching the numbers, these are our top ten innovation Viewpoints of 2016 across a variety of industries, themes and functions, ranked by unique page views.

Top Ten Innovation Viewpoints of 2016

You're wondering how to even get started with the Industrial Internet of Things, but there's a troubling lack of testimonials, leading practices, or general consensus on where and how to approach these opportunities. Here's a structured three-part approach to evaluating your IIoT investments.
How can hard goods manufacturers or retailers build on the PLM use cases from other industries, and what unique value can a PLM transformation offer to them?
The demand for smart products drives the need for smart manufacturing, including new ways to link consumers directly to manufacturing methods. Here's what manufacturing executives need to know to address the digital innovation challenge.
There are many potential benefits for retailers who adopt 3D technology, but the temptation is high to focus on making a modest investment rather than on the transformational potential. Here are eight deployment traps you need to avoid.
By Toddi Gunter
In the case of internal organizational change, the relentless focus on the end user—the executive who makes the go or no go decision and the individuals who will ultimately use the new process—is at the very core of applying design thinking to the way people work.
To understand what digital manufacturing really means for industrial manufacturers, and how it might evolve from where we are today, here’s our peek into the future. All people, company and product names (except ours) are fictitious.
By Sonia Parekh, Hala Hassoun and Kelley Graham
The traditional approach to planning, one that is linear and functionally-driven, is broken. Here are the benefits of an Integrated Planning approach, and five factors to keep in mind to set yourself up for success.
It is becoming more and more important for retail, footwear and apparel product leaders to understand, interpret and act on IoT. It is OK to be skeptical, but is not OK to lack an informed opinion. Here are seven reasons product development leaders need to pay more attention to IoT.
Some of the smartest CEOs realize that to grow their company they must periodically prune their product portfolio.
By Will Yester and John Duffy
Food safety costs the U.S. tens of billions of dollars each year. Here are the latest facts and figures that food manufacturers need to know.

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