Year in Review: Top 10 Innovation Viewpoints of 2015

Every year around this time we get nostalgic. We think back about what we've accomplished and we look forward to how we'll provide more value.

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This year, we published 42 videos and well over 200 pieces of written content, including eBooks, infographics and blogs. We crunched the numbers, and here are our top ten innovation viewpoints of 2015, ranked by unique page views. These pieces cover a variety of industries, themes and functions.

Top 10 Innovation Viewpoints of 2015

#10 – PLM at McDonald’s – What Drives PLM Success
by George Young and Daniela Ilieva
McDonald’s began its product lifecycle management (PLM) journey in 2005. Although their initial implementation was considered a success, an assessment a few years later uncovered that they weren’t getting the business benefits they expected. Jerome Lyman, VP Global Quality Systems at McDonald’s Corporation, explains what helped them achieve PLM success the second time around.

#9 – How to Manage the Development of Combination Products
by Ryan Mays
Combination products are a hot topic in healthcare and medical device, but the product development challenges are significant. Here's our take on how to address them.

#8 – The Executive’s Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions
by Michael Glessner and Alexander Tang
When innovation growth fails to meet goals and objectives, many executives turn to mergers and acquisitions to buy the required capabilities. But after the fanfare is over, the operations executive who has to actually implement is left with an enormous challenge and no clear path to success.

#7 – Infographic: The Internet of Things in Retail
by Andrew Timm and Steve Hurst
The opportunity for the Internet of Things (IoT) in retail is huge, and getting started with a quick, high-value project is easier than you think.

#6 – The Myth of Millennials
by John Talbott, Associate Director of the Center for Education and Research in Retailing at Indiana University
Are you concerned about innovating for and marketing to millennials? Indiana University's John Talbott says you are wasting your time.

#5 – Understanding Cloud Options for Product Development
by Fred Brown
There's a lot of buzz around PLM solutions moving to cloud environments. This video explains cloud options for innovation and product development, and provides sound advice for IT and business leaders looking to identify value and get started.

#4 – Three Es of Effective Innovation Leadership
by Amber Lyons
Transformational change efforts are not easy, but with bold leadership, companies are one step closer to successfully implementing their vision and driving bottom-line results from innovation.

#3 – How to Protect Breakthrough Innovation – Define an Innovation Strategy
by Pamela Soin and Austin Locke
If an organization does not have a defined innovation strategy, it will be extremely difficult to know which potential breakthrough innovations to protect.

#2 – Four Behaviors that Fuel Innovation
by Michael Glessner
Bad habits can negatively impact innovation. Instill these behaviors in your innovation teams to improve results and sustain them over time.

#1 – Building an Innovation Engine in 90 Days
by Noel Sobelman
Can companies really build an innovation engine in just 90 days? Based on years of experience in the field, here's Noel Sobelman's take (and some real world examples) on what you need to do to get started and get better.

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