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Ultimate Innovation Wish List 2015


At Kalypso, we live and breathe innovation every day. Throughout the year, we highlight inspirational and breakthrough innovations from companies across the globe. We’ve picked out a few of our favorite InnoSalutes and Innovation Shout Outs from 2015 to help you find the perfect holiday gift for those you love.

InstaCart: for the family on the go

Sometimes life gets crazy. If you know someone who’s always busy, give them the gift of convenience this season. Instacart connects customers to personal shoppers who handpick groceries and can deliver them within the hour or whenever you want them.

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SmartMat: for the athlete in your family

If you love someone who loves yoga, this intelligent yoga mat is for them. SmartMat is a responsive yoga mat that interacts with a smartphone via in-mat sensors for real-time feedback on alignment and balance. The smartphone app even offers guided personalized instructions for yoga practice.

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Sproutling: for the new parents

New parents have enough to worry about. This season, give them the gift of peace of mind. Sproutling’s wearable monitor fits on baby’s ankle and is equipped with a sensor that detects heart rate, skin temperature, motion, and position. Sproutling communicates with a smartphone app, and warns the caretaker if something is wrong.

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Coravin: for wine lovers

For those in your life who never quite mastered the cork screw, the Coravin System uses a thin, hollow needle to access the wine through the cork. After insertion, the bottle is pressurized with argon, a gas that has zero effect on the taste of the wine, and wine is poured through the needle into a glass. The cork then reseals naturally and allows the remaining wine to continue to age undisturbed because it was never exposed to oxygen.

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Oru Kayak: for the adventurer

Outdoor adventure types are especially tricky to shop for. Oru Kayak has developed an origami-inspired kayak that folds into a compact carrying case, and transform from “box to boat” in 5 minutes. When folded up, the kayak can be stashed is a closet or even checked on a plane. This kayak offers the best of performance, durability and portability.

iFetch: for the dog lover

Some dogs just want to play fetch all day. Give these dogs (and their owners) a gift that will keep everyone happy. iFetch is an interactive ball pitching machine that keeps dogs entertained and exercised, inside or outside, whether you’re home or away. And with a new model especially for larger dogs, you’ll have everyone covered.

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Coin: for the man who has everything

Here’s the perfect gift for the typical guy, with too many credit cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards in his wallet. Coin combines all your credit cards and gift cards into a single, secure device the same shape and size as one card. This secure, connected offers tap-to-pay convenience and a lighter wallet.

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