The Transformational Imperative of IoT

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As more “things” are connected in the Internet of Things, the data they generate grows exponentially. Locked within the data is business intelligence that, if read, applied, and delivered in a way that’s easy to understand, can provide actionable insight. When getting started with the IoT and IoT analytics, business and IT leaders must quickly gain competitive advantage while proving long-term business value. Finding the right starting point is a challenge, and in order to gain support to expand past a strategic experiment, it’s imperative to show strong business value.

During LiveWorx, we sat down with Kalypso, a PTC ServiceAdvantage and ThingWorx partner, to understand how they leverage the ThingWorx platform, machine learning, and augmented reality in our series “Partner Voices on IoT.”

Companies are in various stages of taking advantage of emerging technologies such as IoT, cloud computing and big data to gain new insights and provide compelling new products and services. Chad Markle, partner and Digital Practice lead at Kalypso, articulated his experience with clients: “Of all these new technologies, big data may prove to be the one with the broadest impact on the largest number of companies. There is no one-size-fits-all technology – different kinds of big data problems require different kinds of solutions, and in most cases a mixture of solutions is required.”

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