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Sustainability Shout-out

Sustainability Shout Out: Danone, Connecting the Health of People with the Health of the Planet

Today’s Shout Out goes to Danone, a multinational company working towards becoming a globally Certified B Corporation. Certified B Corporations balance purpose and profit. They are "legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.” Danone’s vision of “One Planet. One Health” encapsulates an overarching desire to connect people’s food and beverage choices with their environmental and social impact. According to Emmanuel Faber, Chairman & CEO of Danone, “One Planet. One Health is a rallying call to everyone to join the food revolution. And we aim to make that revolution a reality for as many people as possible, across the world.”

Danone’s 2030 Goals incorporate their brand model, business model and trust model. Danone has developed nine long term goals to achieve their vision of “One Planet. One Health,” while also aligning with the United Nations' 2030 sustainable development goals. A sampling of Danone’s goals in the food revolution include building their knowledge to understand food-based challenges, optimizing the nutritional foundation of their products, working towards carbon neutrality and continually improving programs and services with their partners. Danone’s ambitious brand growth goals also focus on “powering the food revolution, and driving profitable, sustainable growth.”

On July 16, 2020, Danone announced additional investments in their specialized nutrition business in China. These investments will allow Danone to open a research facility, acquire infant milk formula capabilities and expand their capacity to develop Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP). According to Danone’s press release, “These investments will enable uniquely the company to broaden and deepen its range of nutritional products and services that are tailored to Chinese health needs, traditions and tastes.”

In addition to these investments, Danone has shown their commitment to their employees, partners and consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic by enhancing employee benefits, making financial donations to food banks and food rescue organizations and working to maintain supply security and business continuity. Danone’s recent investments and collaboration efforts showcase a commitment to their goals and values.


Danone’s considerable work in identifying and addressing nutritional, social and environmental issues is a great example of how a corporation can integrate purpose and profit successfully. Danone is well on their way towards meeting 2030 goals and becoming a global Certified B Corporation, while providing value to their shareholders.

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