Saluting Innovation @ IKEA

Saluting innovation at IKEA for bringing wireless charging to home furniture. Ikea’s new Qi-friendly wireless charging furniture collection includes fully functional lamps, coffee tables and nightstands with built-in charging pads and add-ons that turn existing furniture into wireless charging stations. “Nobody likes cords, yet everyone wants a fully functional home. With our wireless chargers, it’s possible to have both,” says Björn Block, IKEA Range manager for Lighting and Wireless Charging.

This innovative home furnishing line aligns with a 2014 study from Pew Research that discovered 99% of smartphone owners use their device at home, more than any other location. The Swedish retail giant clearly saw the opportunity to bring the freedom of mobility to the place we call home.

We salute IKEA for developing a home product line that merges function and feng shui.

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