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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Using Genetic Make-Up to Choose Your Make-Up

London based GeneU and Austin, TX based SkinShift now offer personalized skin care based on genetic make up.

GeneU uses new technology to run a DNA test on a client while they wait, and then recommends the appropriate skin serum based on the DNA results and a brief lifestyle survey. For about $940, the service directs the client to the best fit product – out of 18 formulations – and a two week supply.

The SkinShift model is similar, but with an outsourced DNA test running $99 and the recommended serums and nutritional supplements under $75, it is less costly. SkinShift has four serums and five nutritional supplements from which they determine their recommendations.

Some scientists are skeptical, stating that it is not genetics but the environment that plays the greatest role in skin needs and skin care requirements.

GeneU already has a response to that skepticism in the works: the next round of DNA tests will focus on how genes react to the client’s lifestyle. They also plan to extend their offering to include additional genetic tests related to skin health, including elasticity and hyperpigmentation.

As a customer, finding the right product is thrilling. It is a solution to a problem, it increases confidence, and we want to tell everyone about it. Innovation like this ensures that we continue to create this experience for the consumer and provide new reasons for them to get excited and spread the word about brands and products. Personalized skin care based on genetics is only one layer - as industry explores this opportunity further, how far are we from custom formulations?

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