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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Shimmy Technology Expedites Mass Customization

Background image: Shimmy

Brooklyn, NY-based Shimmy Technologies applies the use of artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, 3D design, and augmented reality (AR) to enable the production processes for their mass customizable bathing suit design and patternmaking, as well as automated manufacturing.

CEO Sarah Krasley recognized the need for well-fitting swimwear in the marketplace. With so many different variations of body shapes and sizes, and swimwear being the most revealing of apparel products, fitting the masses in a manner to flatter and enhance each body shape is an incredible challenge. Krasley notes first looking to body scanning technologies but recognized their limited adoption and availability would hinder Shimmy’s growth if their platform was dependent on it. Therefore, Shimmy’s technology relies on the expertise of a tailor to procure each of the ten (10) measurements they need to customize the swimwear pattern for each customer. With the body measurements gathered, an avatar can be customized to the unique customer, and then a customized pattern can be rendered on the avatar.

The custom swimwear is sold under the label X Swimwear, but the Shimmy Technology platform can be applied across industries or labels. The technology can continue to expedite and expand the trend toward mass customization by enabling the custom pattern process to better fit each unique body shape and size.

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