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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Sensoria’s Smart Garments to Compete with Wearables

Background image: Sensoria

Smart, connected products have been slower to hit the apparel and footwear industries, leaving the connection enablement to hardgoods or accessories. Wearables like the fitbit have met the needs of consumers seeking to track workout performance, elevation and speed. Other products like the wahoo TICKR heart rate monitor use a chest strap to track heart rate, calories burned, time, distance and pace.

Sensoria is entering the market to compete with wearables, while offering consumers arguably less invasive means to monitor body metrics or workout performance. Rather than relying on an extra product to provide this functionality, Sensoria uses a fabric with embedded electrodes that is connected to a fitness app. Through the connection to the app, certain cardiac irregularities can be recognized, family or friends alerted, and wearer can be located via GPS coordinates. Sensoria has developed two products using the fabric - for men, a short sleeve tee-shirt, and for women, a sports bra. The fabric is washable, UV protectant and is promoted to have the ability to “reduce the appearance of cellulite and muscle fatique.”

The smart, connected apparel can be pre-ordered but is reliant on crowdfunding to support the manufacturing and production.

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