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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Intel and Oakley Introduce Digital-Coaching Eyewear

Background image: Oakley Radar Pace

Intel, in partership with Oakley, will soon launch their first smart glasses for athletes. Oakley Radar Pace provides coaching to runners and cyclists. This smart connected product does much more than collect data like many other apps and devices currently on the market. Radar Pace helps interpret the data and provides information to use in real-time. The wearable-tech monitors performance and coaches you during your workout. Yes, it coaches you. Or, “she” coaches you. The voice-activated system speaks in a Siri-like voice, telling you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it better. She assists with your goals by identifying problem areas and suggesting technique improvements. She will also respond to your questions, such as information on your speed or distance travelled.

Radar Pace has a design edge over its competitors. It looks like normal pair of sunglasses with earplugs and a small microphone. You can interact completely by voice—no swiping required.

Launch is expected to be in late 2016, but no details on price have been provided. Click here to see how Craig Alexander, three-time Iron Champion, uses Oakley’s Radar Pace.

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