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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Dangle Virtualizing the Jewelry Shopping Experience

Background image: Virtually Try On Earrings Before You Buy With Dangled Ar App

Until now, the ability to buy earrings online with confidence has been a challenge. A still image on a solid background or a model isn’t enough to understand the true to life aspects of the earrings; maybe they are smaller than they appear, or maybe they are wider or longer, or perhaps the earrings do not dangle the way you thought they would. To eliminate this barrier, FaceCake Marketing Technologies, a leading innovator in the Augmented Reality for retail space, has introduced its newest platform, Dangle – the first augmented reality jewelry app with realistic physics and sizing.

Dangle gives users the freedom to virtually try on earrings in real time as if they were looking in a mirror and swap between earrings at the click of a button. The most impressive feature is Dangle’s realism. The size, shape, color and movement of the earrings are all true to life. Dangle uses proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms to ensure proper relative sizing and placement on the user making it easy to use and ensuring true to life realism.

Dangle currently features a variety of earrings from a variety of brands and will continue to grow their offering as they partner with more and more retailers. Dangle also provides recommendations to its users based on the person’s physical features like hair color or skin tone, and they also offer a curated “Jewelry Box” which features its newest product offerings and recommendations.

Augmented Reality is quickly changing the customer's shopping experience, and with FaceCake’s continued expansion into the digital retail space, customers will soon see more and more augmented reality offerings by a variety of retailers both in and out of their stores.

See a video of Dangle in action here.

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