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Retail Innovation Shout Out: CUR8 Brings Smart Home Products to Retail

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I recently met Jasmine Jaco, the co-founder and CEO of CUR8, an interactive marketplace offering the best of "what's next" in interior,

architectural and industrial design innovation to home furnishings shoppers.

When renovating her home, Jasmine realized the dearth of ‘smart home’, IoT connected products available in the market. She and her designer, now her CUR8 co-founder, started CUR8, a company with a mission to find, market, and distribute the most innovative, transformative home products available to shoppers.

CUR8 offers a scalable ‘shop concept’ to retailers, ranging from 30 to 100+ square feet of display space, to provide a turn-key merchandising solution designed to create an informative, immersive and compelling shopper experience. For example, internet connected furniture can wirelessly recharge devices, ambient lighting can provide visual notification of incoming texts or phone calls, and smart art digital canvas displays can be programmed with a playlist of selected artwork or video, and electroluminescent paint can provide diffused light to any room without bulbs.

The retail display showcasing in October at the High Point Market Trade Show features wow factors like endcaps with Virtual Reality (VR) viewers providing shoppers with an immersive art experience where they can ‘climb into’ a painting (picture a virtual rose garden for Valentine’s Day) or see how various smart home products might look with their home style.

The shop comes with a kiosk for accessing a virtual sales assistant, access to not-in-store items, plus payment and drop shipping options. The retailer has minimal labor and inventory costs and gets a percentage of sales. Sensors provide retail partners and vendors with insights for the shop such as traffic, dwell times, demographics (age, gender), and even emotional responses from shoppers (using anonymous facial recognition technology).

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