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Retail Innovation Shout Out: AI-Inspired Love Letters

Background image: Consumer Shout Out_Candy Hearts

Since 1847 “conversation hearts” have been a staple of the Valentine’s Day tradition, but in 2018 these chalky little treats have come into their own with a major digital update – artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the whimsical work of Ms. Janelle Shane, a famed research scientist and AI enthusiast, the world now has a neural network capable of drafting its own micro-messages of love. As would be true when building more complex neural networks, Shane’s experiment began by priming the machine with existing data. In this case, she collected more than 360 pre-existing messages (e.g. Kiss Me, I <3 You, First Kiss) and added a few dozen more of her own making. Before she knew it, the neural net was off producing messages of its own!

The results were as endearing, and disastrous as you might imagine. Ranging from “Love Bun” & “Heart Me” to the less romantic “You A Goo” and “Mage Love.” It was clear the machine had some more learning to do before it was ready for the big time.

Visit Shane’s blog, AIWierdness.com for more.

While these creative confections are not for sale, Shane’s experiment does represent a bold new vision of the digital world. One in which accessible, powerful, intelligent machines work beside humans to inspire new creations and innovations. Today it’s chalky little candies, tomorrow it may be AI greeting cards, recipes, floral arrangements, date night itineraries and marriage proposals.

And although the face of Valentine’s Day may be changing, one constant remains - Kalypso loves innovation!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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