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Consumer Innovation Shoutout: American Eagle Enhances its Fitting Rooms

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We’ve all been there. You’ve had an unremarkable shopping day until something finally catches your eye; the perfect pair of jeans. You have to have them. In fact, your desire to have them outweighs the burden of visiting the fitting room, despite the four layers of clothing you’re wearing to combat Chicago’s polar vortex. You try on the jeans, but they prove to be less form-fitting than expected. Sigh. You need another size.

You call out for help, but no one answers. You peep your head out of the dressing room, but no sales associates are in sight. You begin to reconsider how much you really need these jeans.

Bad fitting room experiences often result in lost sales and aggravated customers. On the other hand, a well-executed fitting room experience can result in higher conversion rates. American Eagle understands the potential that fittings room have to draw customers in and drive in-store sales, particularly in a time of increased online shopping.

To create a more seamless in-store experience, American Eagle has paired with Alia Technologies to launch interactive fitting rooms with touch-screens at its flagship stores. This new technology allows customers to request additional sizes and styles from the ease of their fitting rooms, all at the push of a button. Requesting a new size triggers a notification to sales associates, who then bring the pieces to the fitting room. The fitting rooms also allow customers to search and email product information, and to view in-store inventory.

By installing these fitting rooms, American Eagle alleviates customer woes while better understanding consumer shopping behaviors and streamlining in-store logistics.

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