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Consumer Innovation Shout Out: Seeing Christmas Everywhere

Background image: Target App Christmas Tree Preview 2160X1200

Target is easing the burden of decision when it comes to home décor, including Christmas tree sizes and shapes, with their “See it in Your Space” feature on the Target shopping app. Rather than leaving shoppers to wonder how that artificial tree will work in their house or apartment, Target has created an augmented reality experience with their app to help shoppers see the trees in their spaces. The app enables shoppers to see all Target products, trees, and décor in their own homes — merging a real-life view of shoppers’ living spaces with the images of the Target products overlaid. Think of all the time saved, not having to haul a tree home just to bring it back when it's not right!

Target has created other opportunities for easing the holiday stress as well — with their expanded toy section and free two-day shipping with no minimum purchase. The company credits the new app feature with their rapid growth of artificial tree sales—at double the rate from past seasons. Full holiday results are yet to be reported, of course, but logic follows that if shoppers picked up lights and décor along with those artificial trees, overall results will be just as positive.

Now to build robots to fluff those artificial tree branches and untangle the lights…

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