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Consumer Innovation Shout Out: Dresden Optics Reimagines the Glasses Shopping Experience

Background image: Dresden Optics

In a world where most accessory retailers are clamoring to use new technologies like augmented reality to help customers see themselves with the product, one Australian glasses manufacturer is growing fast through a focus on quality, durability, and sustainability. Dresden Optics’ uses German inspiration to place the glasses wearer at the center of everything they do.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the typical optics shop or online retailer with endless racks (or pages) of styles, colors, and price points? Dresden has come up with a single unisex style of glasses that come in four sizes and a wide variety of colors that allow for mix-and-match customization.

After you finally find the right pair, have you been frustrated that it takes hours or days to fit the lens? Dresden cuts lenses on site and their product is so simple to assemble that you can even help if you like. The whole process takes only 15 minutes. This simplicity of design also makes it very easy for customers to swap out frames, arms, and even lenses on their own.

On the manufacturing side, Dresden saw declining demand in the auto industry as an opportunity to partner with a local auto parts manufacturer to create an extremely durable product. Not only that, but many of their glasses are made from recycled plastics recovered from local Australian beaches, milk jugs, and beer keg lids. This sustainable approach has kept costs down and allows Dresden to sell their products starting as low as $49 AUD.

Although they have recently expanded to 15+ stores in Australia and Canada, Dresden has also created mobile optometry clinics that can run entirely off solar and battery power. These mobile clinics provide eye care to the indigenous people of Australia living in less accessible areas where poor eye health has been a growing problem.

So, shout out to Dresden Optics for taking an innovative look at all aspects of glasses and providing an affordable, durable, customizable, and stylish option to everyone!

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