Consumer Innovation Shout Out: My Size Releases New Measurement App “MySizeID™”

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Online shopping continues to grow in popularity, but one consumer shopping woe proves to be just as unwavering. The inability to try on clothes before purchasing online continues to discourage shoppers and often leads to abandoned shopping carts and returns. While consumers enjoy the ease of shopping online, they seek the validation in fit and size that shopping in-stores ensures. Retailers have approached this issue in a variety of ways from virtual dressing rooms to clothing rental services. My Size has decided to tackle the issue head-on by releasing MySizeID™ for iOS.

MySizeID™ is a fashion measurement app that grants users the power to accurately measure their bodies in minutes using just their mobile phone. The app directs users to complete various movements with their cell phone to determine body measurements. These measurements are then uploaded to a user’s profile page. After setting up their profile page, prospective buyers can search through a wide variety of clothing brands within the app. The app details exact sizes for every kind of apparel a brand offers from tops to dresses to sports bras.

MySizeID™ is currently only available for iOS, but this platform alone will allow the company to reach over 700 million users. My Size is encouraging companies to register for MySizeID™ to enhance online customer experience and allow their customers to shop with the reassurance that clothes will fit more comfortably. With this confidence in fit, My Size hopes customers will purchase more online and feel less inclined to return items.

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