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Consumer Innovation Shout Out: Coloreel Revolutionizes the Embroidery Industry

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Swedish technology innovation company, Coloreel, recently introduced their instant thread coloring capability for the European market at the fair Avantex in Paris. Coloreel instantly colors white thread before it is embroidered into design, which allows designers to use multiple colors without changing the thread. It can be used with any industrial embroidery machine without any modifications.

The Coloreel technology provides complete freedom for designers to create unique embroideries without any color limitations. Color changes on the thread can be made rapidly or gradually with smooth color shifting or any other coloring effects imaginable. Unique embroidery designs can be created using any available digitized software and Coloreel Studio can be used for colorization and to link your embroidery design to the Coloreel unit.

The benefits are immense. With this technology, the tedious process of rethreading embroidery machines and handling large stock of threads will be eliminated. Embroidery manufacturers will always have the right colors available on demand, and the only required materials will be the Coloreel base thread and ink cartridges. This will improve production time by up to 80% for complex embroidery designs. In addition, by having no thread waste and no dye disposed into wastewater, Coloreel will have a more sustainable embroidery process.

In the future, this technology will also be used for sewing, knitting, weaving and more. Coloreel is completely disrupting the textile industry with this innovation and opening up amazing new design possibilities.

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