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Retail Innovation Shout Out:  Anomolie Wedding Dresses Cut Out the Middle Man

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Anomolie is a startup company that allows any bride to personally design her own wedding dress with quality material while cutting major third party manufacturing costs. These personalized dresses typically run between $800-$1,500, much less than the typical designer option that can cost upwards of $10,000. This is due to Anomolie’s unique supply chain model and their close partnership with Chinese manufacturers, where the five core wedding dress materials are bought in bulk.

The customer starts out by submitting photos and inspiration of her ideal wedding dress to an Anomolie consultant. The customer and consultant talk through all details over the phone, and within 48 hours, the customer receives a few sketch options to provide feedback on.

Once the customer is aligned with Anomolie on the sketch design and product cost, the bride visits a local tailor for measurements and future alterations as needed. The Anomolie consultant uses the sketches and measurements to kick off development, involving the bride in each step of the process. Photos and videos are sent to the customer as the dress is being constructed to show progress. Swatches are also shared to confirm look, color, and feel. It takes a mere 3 months to get the dress designed and delivered in a beautiful box to the bride’s front door.

Anomolie is so confident the bride will love her customized designer dress that they offer a 100% guarantee. If the customer does not like the product, it can be fully refunded or sent back for modifications. Anomolie strives to provide each bride a personalized and exciting experience.

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