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Create new growth categories and disruptive business models

We help our clients deliver transformative growth from new products, services and business models. This means building the capabilities to discover, incubate and scale new, disruptive businesses.

Call it breakthrough innovation, business model innovation, disruptive innovation, horizon 3 innovation – regardless of the name, the objective is the same: to develop brand-new sources of growth.

While Corporate Boards and CEOs expect growth from innovation, the reality is that most large and mid-sized companies are optimized for incremental growth. Longer-range innovation inherently has higher risk and many companies do not invest in it enough as a result, leaving their brands to grow at market rate through less risky, but less rewarding, incremental moves. Meanwhile, more nimble start-ups are disrupting niches and capturing market share as the pace of change accelerates.

To break out of incremental churn, companies must manage their core business and transform their future without trading one for the other. This requires a different mindset than incremental innovation, with new approaches, organization structures, governance mechanisms, behaviors, incentives and reward systems – as well as careful integration within a broader innovation system.

How We Help Clients Transform Growth Through Innovation

We help our clients achieve this start-up mindset and embed the agile processes, organization, governance, workflows, and tools and technologies needed to drive transformative growth. We help you build “intrapreneurial” capabilities to identify proprietary opportunities, uncover customer needs, validate problems and quickly translate them into potential solutions, then iteratively define, de-risk, incubate and scale new growth opportunities.

Our approach provides an ongoing way for companies to act in uncertainty, and manage risk over time to improve the chances that longer-term innovation investments will reach the market and be successful. These tend to have higher rewards and position your company advantageously in new and growing markets ahead of competitors.

Our Expertise

Organization & Process Design
New Business Incubation
Venture Governance & Funding Mechanisms
Customer Insight & Discovery Toolset
Agile Experimentation Adapted for the Enterprise
High Performance Venture Teaming
Corporate-Startup Co-Development