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Feed business growth with ideas that solve unmet customer needs

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We help our clients identify opportunity areas, generate ideas and qualify concepts that fill the innovation pipeline for growth.

Today's digital world opens up a realm of possibility for solving customer and stakeholder problems with ideas for new business models, reimagined experiences and the application of emerging technologies. This intensifies the need to establish a unique point of view about the future to identify opportunities that solve unmet needs, enabling market entry at the right time with differentiated products and services.

How We Help Clients Feed Business Growth

Whether your goal is core business innovation, transformative growth or both, our approach focuses on building discovery and ideation capabilities within your broader innovation system. We help you take a customer-centered, agile approach to opportunity identification, idea generation, concept development and evaluation that aligns with your business strategy.

In the discovery phase we help you identify new opportunity areas for innovation. We surface unmet customer needs through empathy and ethnographic research methods. Using foresight, advanced trend analysis and scenario planning, we work with you to dig into external trends, understand their impact and identify new opportunities based on future customer needs; then validate whether they're viable, desirable and feasible.

deation is focused on translating opportunity areas into ideas. We use design thinking techniques and tools to generate ideas for new experiences, products, services and business models based on defined consumer needs, then prioritize high-growth areas for rapid prototyping and concept testing.

Service Area Expertise

Consumer Insights/Voice of the Customer (VOC)
Trend/Need Analysis
Scenario Planning
Opportunity Area Identification
Human-Centered Design & Design Thinking
Idea Generation & Management
Idea Generation & Governance
Concept Development & Evaluation

Thought Leaders

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