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Drive growth from the core business with product development execution excellence

We help clients improve product development performance to drive efficiency, productivity and time to market gains.

Creating brand-new categories and disruptive business models is a key strategy for companies looking to achieve growth from innovation, but optimizing the core business for successful execution can have a dramatic impact on the top and bottom line as well.

However, many companies fight to consistently meet their product development effectiveness objectives for time, cost and quality. To beat competitors to market and hit product-driven growth targets, they must be able to execute their product development processes flawlessly.

How We Help Clients Drive Growth

We work with clients to identify gaps in current practices to identify the systematic and organizational changes needed to achieve product development process improvement. This means assessing, benchmarking, designing, piloting and implementing the core elements of innovation in the areas of pipeline governance and decision making, new product development process structure, high performance teams, and enabling technologies.

Regardless of history or level of maturity, we define an approach at the size and scale that works best for your organization based on priority needs, organizational constraints and readiness for change.

As a result, our clients have achieved development cycle time improvement of over 40 percent, development pipeline throughput of over 60 percent and 100 percent improvement in return on R&D investment.

Core Innovation Elements

  • Project Initiation
  • Consumer & Market Insights
  • Solution Definition
  • Governance & Funding
  • Process Structure
  • Skills, Project Teams & Resourcing
  • Incentives & Reward Systems

Service Focus Areas

Pipeline Governance & Decision Making
High Performance Teams & Project Management
New Product Development Process Structure
Launch Strategy, Planning & Execution
Needs Translation & Requirements Generation
Test Planning & Execution
Value Management
Project Management & PMO Enablement