Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Unlock the power of analytics

Many companies believe in the value of machine learning and advanced analytics technologies, but are intimidated by their complexity and lack clarity on how to get started.

We differentiate ourselves from other firms whose strategy is to “black box” the technology, data and methodologies in order to maintain proprietary control over their potential value.

Instead, we seek open partnerships with our clients to help them understand, develop and adopt these capabilities themselves.

We democratize advanced analytics, helping our clients build and adopt advanced capabilities such as predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

How We Help

We operate as cross-functional team of innovation strategists, industry experts, designers, data scientists and engineers.

We lead our clients on a structured five-step journey rooted in the scientific method to discover new opportunities and enable sustainable business results with leading analytical techniques:


Identify strategic imperatives and critical business obstacles


Form a digital solution hypothesis


Test the hypothesis with Proof of Value experiments


Measure results, capture learnings, refine and expand


Institutionalize, scale and realize value


Advanced Analytics

Machine Learning

Predictive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Robotic Process Automation