Kalypso Launches Rapid Deployment PLM Solution for Food and Beverage Industry

July 7, 2009

PLM Vivo, built on Oracle's Agile PLM, enables companies to implement product lifecycle management in just 13 weeks and reduce implementation costs by 66 percent

BEACHWOOD, Ohio – Kalypso, the world’s premier innovation consulting firm, announces the launch of PLM Vivo, a new pre-configured product lifecycle management (PLM) solution designed for the food and beverage industry. PLM Vivo enables companies to reduce the time, investment, and effort to deploy PLM by up to 66 percent.

PLM Vivo is built on Oracle’s Agile PLM for Process application, which manages all aspects of innovation, from product and portfolio management, to management of specifications, suppliers, formulations and bills of materials, packaging and labeling, compliance, and quality. PLM Vivo comes configured with Kalypso templates, workflows, core data, and profiles specific to the food and beverage industry that are based on best-in-class implementation practices. The pre-configured PLM Vivo solution not only reduces setup time, it also provides a straightforward path for legacy data migration, enables rapid business process documentation, and facilitates swift user adoption.

Traditionally, PLM implementations cost more than $750,000 and require anywhere from 22 to 35 weeks to deploy. By comparison, the average cost of a PLM Vivo implementation is $250,000, and a company can go live with the first product line in as little as 13 weeks. The reduced demands on time and resources made possible by PLM Vivo open the door for mid-size food and beverage companies to gain the same PLM advantages already being realized by Global 1000 corporations.

“As food and beverage companies face greater potential liabilities with non-compliant products, increased time-to-market pressures, and growing product complexity, PLM technology is no longer a luxury, but a necessity,” said George Young, a founding partner and consumer goods industry practice lead at Kalypso. “PLM Vivo is a cost-effective alternative to a traditional PLM implementation, helping to lift price barriers for small to mid-sized companies and provide a low-risk, low-cost option to jumpstart their PLM journey.”

PLM Vivo Helps Ensure Consumer Safety and Regulatory Compliance

PLM Vivo is designed to address two of the most pressing issues that food and beverage companies face today: product safety and regulatory compliance. Highly publicized product recalls have caused significant damage to brand reputation and cost food and beverage companies millions of dollars. PLM Vivo enables product and supplier traceability to quickly isolate potential ingredient issues and comply with government regulatory and reporting requirements more rapidly. As a result, companies using PLM Vivo can optimize efficiency and minimize costs while better guaranteeing consumer safety, brand protection, and consumer confidence.

“Kalypso's PLM Vivo rapid deployment offering for Oracle PLM is a strong proof-point to the value of the Oracle Market Maker program, which is designed to bring joint focus and resources to executive sponsored Partner solutions,” said Kevin Kennedy, group vice president for Agile PLM Sales at Oracle. “With the combination of Kalypso’s pre-configured PLM Vivo solution for the food and beverage industry on top of Oracle’s PLM for Process solutions, food and beverage customers can benefit by being able to get products to market faster and more efficiently while assuring adherence to ever increasing compliance standards.”

Kalypso is an Oracle PartnerNetwork Certified Partner and an implementation partner of the Oracle PLM for Process solution with a track record of successful implementations at both large and small consumer goods companies.

For more information about PLM Vivo, visit https://kalypso.com/capabilities/services/plm-vivo.

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