Kalypso Featured in Gartner Report on Supply Chain Strategy for Chemical Industry

February 28, 2011

"Supply Chain Strategy for Chemical Manufacturers: The Handbook for Becoming Demand-Driven" by Paul Lord

Executive Summary

The recession has sharpened focus on revenue growth, innovation and working capital. But continued volatility and myriad risks require that chemical manufacturers develop demand-driven capabilities that identify, capture and protect value.

Key Findings:

  • The chemical industry is driven by all sectors of the global economy, but removed from the sources of demand by several layers in the value chain. Emerging markets, economic volatility and global business models have increased the complexity of planning and fulfilling demand.
  • Large companies face challenges to achieve the benefits of scale through shared-service supply chain processes, while meeting the unique needs of different business models, which vary based on markets served and value delivered.
  • Intense focus on inventory and cost reduction initiatives during the economic downturn exposed an ongoing divide between financial and operational planning processes in many companies.
  • Functional silos, transactional business applications and limited process integration make end-to-end supply chain optimization an aspiration. Effective cross-functional decision making is challenged by data quality, visibility and stakeholder alignment.

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