Kalypso Featured in AMR Report “2010 Consumer Products Market Outlook”

January 19, 2010

"2010 Consumer Products Market Outlook: Attracting and Retaining the Post-Recession Shopper" by Steve Steutermann


As the curtain rises on 2010, the shopper still reigns as the driver of change in the consumer products (CP) industry. They continue to be uncooperative in their spending habits, hoarding all available cash. The consumer personal savings rate sat at 4.4% in October 2009, a significant change from the 2007 spend years, when shoppers where emptying their pocketbooks at record rates.

The recession’s changes on the shopper are profound, creating the need to rethink the supply chain response. In this 2010 outlook, we’ll focus on the rise of the digital consumer, the rush to value in shopping behavior of the post-recession consumer, and the changing processes to target and attract consumers in this new market.

Visit AMR's website at http://www.amrresearch.com/content/view.aspx?compURI=tcm:7-49751&title=2010+Consumer+Products+Market+Outlook:+Attracting+and+Retaining+the+Post-Recession+Shopper