Kalypso Announces Pricing and Value Management Practice

January 22, 2009

Kalypso, a professional services firm focused on helping clients deliver on the promise of innovation, announces the formation of a comprehensive pricing and value management practice to help clients achieve pricing excellence, led by longtime pricing practitioners and Kalypso practice co-leaders Brian Sharp and Kevin Lemke.

“The addition of the pricing and value management practice increases the breadth of expertise we are able to offer clients,” said Bill Poston, Managing Partner of Kalypso. “With inflation in the commodity markets, effective pricing is a critical challenge facing innovators today, and we are pleased Brian and Kevin are leading the team to help clients deliver commercially viable products and services.”

Kalypso’s Value Management practice helps clients rapidly increase business profitably through pricing excellence by focusing on four key areas: Price and Value Strategy, Transactional Price Management, Value in Innovation, Value in Market. Service offerings include pricing process assessment, price leak elimination, pricing software selection and implementation, and price increase/decrease management and coordination.

“Our pricing solutions are uniquely designed to help our clients capture the most value,” said Brian Sharp. “Rather than addressing pricing from the point of product launch like other solution providers today, we help our clients address pricing well before product launch to ensure products are priced correctly from the start.”

Kalypso’s Value Management team has extensive knowledge and experience managing price and value across a range of industry sectors and business models. Through targeted improvements using Kalypso’s approach in one or more of the focus areas, clients have achieved one- to three-point improvements in Return on Sales.

“By bringing pricing and value management together with innovation, we are delivering unique, lasting value for our clients,” added Lemke. “As a result, we are able to assist clients in developing pricing strategies to capitalize on new innovations and unleash hidden profits from existing product portfolios.”

About Kalypso’s Value Management Team

Brian Sharp brings over twenty years of international experience in product management, marketing, commercial development and sales to Kalypso. Brian provides thought leadership and subject matter expertise in pricing and value management, product commercialization, product line management and rationalization, branding, and channel management. Prior to joining Kalypso, Brian was an executive with Lord Corporation, where he helped lead the profitable transformation of their global commercial operations, and directed the award-winning makeover of their corporate brand and image (IABC, Gold Quill Award). Previously, Brian held senior marketing and sales roles at BP and Castrol in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. He has led major business process transformation projects, numerous new product development launches, and high impact pricing and revenue management initiatives across a diverse range of B2B businesses. Brian is based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Kevin Lemke has over seventeen years of marketing, operations, finance, product management and business development experience. Kevin is a longtime pricing practitioner with a focus on pricing and value management in the electronics, semiconductor, chemicals, and travel/hospitality industries. Prior to joining Kalypso, Kevin was with Dell Inc. where he held various pricing strategy and operational roles. In particular, he helped reinvigorate the B2B business by leading a long-term pricing process and technology transformation initiative. Prior to that, Kevin worked at Zilliant, a leading enterprise pricing software company where he held product management and business development roles. Kevin began his pricing career at Continental Airlines where he was responsible for revenue management for all East coast routes. Kevin has led major business process transformation projects and high impact pricing and revenue management initiatives across a diverse range of B2B and B2C businesses. Kevin is based in Austin, Texas.

For more information about Kalypso's Pricing and Value Management practice, visit http://www.kalypso.com/capabilities/value-management