Wiebke Ebsen


Wiebke is a manager of human resources (HR) with six years of professional experience in all areas of human resources.

Wiebke Ebsen, Manager | Kalypso

Wiebke worked as a manager of human resources at Pilz, an automation technology company. She focused on recruitment, employee support and personnel marketing. She also served as a human resources consultant at Randstad, a personnel service provider, where she was responsible for leadership, recruitment and placement of the employees. Wiebke also assisted the Vocational Academy Management Team at Daimler AG.

Wiebke holds a degree in education from Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany.

Current Projects

Wiebke is responsible for recruitment and employee support. Advising of executives in all HR and employment-law related subjects is one of her key focuses. She started staff development for employees and executives and develops HR management tools (e.g. annual performance reviews).

Outside of Kalypso

Wiebke lives in the Hamburg area with her husband and her daughter. Besides spending time with her family and friends, she enjoys reading crime fiction, photography and sports such as Pilates and cycling.

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