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Radu Dumitru

Technical Consultant

Radu is a technical consultant who is thriving for technological development and is always eager to deliver.

Radu Dumitru, Technical Consultant | Kalypso

Radu studied Electronics and Computer Science at university. He discovered his passion for programming in middle school and since then he's been pursuing a future career in the field of Computer Science.

Radu brings a great energy to the projects he's involved in. He is always aiming to comprehend the situation at its fullest and provide a great deliverable for the client.

In his spare time, Radu enjoys playing video games the most and going out with his friends. He is also a curious person who always enjoys learning new things.

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  • Moderate experience in IoT/IIoT technologies with ThingWorx


  • Various programming experience with technologies such as Java, C/C++, Linux, Verilog and IoT.

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