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Pamela Soin

Global Director, Consulting

Pamela Soin is a deliberate, scrappy, formidable and caring leader with 15 years of consulting experience.

Pamela Soin, Global Director, Consulting | Kalypso
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Pamela leads the consulting practice at Kalypso, A Rockwell Automation Company focusing on how Kalypsonians deliver strategy, operations and organizational change management to their clients; and is developing the next generation of consultants.

Always looking for an adventure –particularly an international one– Pamela joined Kalypso as a consultant in 2007.

At Kalypso she has served across industries and the world with extended stays in the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Mexico and South Korea. She is the leader behind the leader to executives in the consumer products, food & beverage, medical device, pharma and chemical industries leading teams of consultants on short strategy engagements to multi-year implementation projects.

While she loves to deliver work, her true loves are connecting with her clients and investing in the people on her team.

She takes the development of the people around her very seriously and goes out of her way to help her teams become world-class professionals. She developed a program within Kalypso’s Women in Leadership initiative called “Build Your Own Blueprint” dedicated to building up women leaders and guiding them through the realities of careers in professional services. She also led an effort to redesign KRASH, Kalypso’s new hire school, that emphasizes hard consulting skills and using them during class case studies.

Outside of Kalypso

Outside of Kalypso you can find Pamela dancing in Pride parades from New York City to Amsterdam, or on an airplane headed off on adventure to become a local in a city she’s never been to before.


  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University

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