Nebeyu Daniel

Business Analyst

Nebeyu is a Business Analyst at Kalypso with experience in data analytics and reporting.

Nebeyu Daniel, Business Analyst | Kalypso
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Prior to joining Kalypso, Nebeyu attended the University of Virginia. There he studied Financial Mathematics and graduated in the class of 2018.

Current Projects

At Kalypso, Nebeyu is a leader in documentation of client deliverables and data analysis. He brings the unique perspective of understanding the technical terminology in data science/machine learning as well as being able to concisely communicate that information to the client. Further he has created process overview maps for cloud technology projects that used Amazon Web Services.

Outside of Kalypso Nebeyu has a passion for trying new outdoor activities whether it be horseback riding, fishing, and sailing. Further, he is a callisthenic enthusiast and loves to follow various YouTube fitness experts.



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