Kendall Hawkins

Director of Talent

Kendall brings five years of experience in training, development and consulting to her role with Kalypso.

Kendall Hawkins, Director of Talent | Kalypso

Prior to joining Kalypso, Kendall worked as a bilingual coordinator and English teacher in Seville, Spain. Kendall focused on creating and deploying a bilingual program over a three-year period as well as training the staff in English education techniques. She worked in a similar capacity at the University of Seville, developing training for professors of engineering and architecture.

Kendall holds a BS in Communication Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin.

Current Projects

Kendall joined the firm as a client service professional in 2011 focusing on product lifecycle management (PLM) implementations in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. In her current role as talent manager, Kendall strives to align with the business strategy to achieve optimal, sustainable organizational performance by developing training programs dedicated to the personal and professional growth of men and women within the firm.

Additionally, she supports Kalypso's clients by identifying and staffing the best talent to enable the firm to deliver on the promise of innovation at each client engagement.

Outside of Kalypso

Kendall enjoys the great outdoors and is an avid yogi. She loves Texas Longhorns football, drinking good wine and traveling all over the globe. With her latest goal to run a marathon accomplished, she has moved on to an even loftier goal: learning to cook. This challenge is proving to be quite formidable.

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